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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Busy doing nothing .....

Hi folks!

Well, it's been a fairly unproductive Sunday for me, unlike some of my fellow bloggers who appear to be working their butts off for various projects and competitions! Difference is, they're all professional, paid designers, and I'm not! So perhaps I'm better off this way, but being employed to do my favourite thing, make cards, sounds quite appealing I have to say!

So, today I've been catching up on what others are up to in the world of card making, as well as learning some new techniques along the way, looking for ideas and inspiration, and just simply enjoying being in the land I love - the land of card craft.

Popped over to one of my favourite shops, The Bottle Kiln at West Hallam, to take a look at their range of cards, and I was very brave and asked the lady behind the counter what the situation was with handmade cards, but alas it's a no go there! Oh well, their loss! I am not deterred in the slightest.

I have come up with some new design concepts which I am hoping to put together in the next week so I'll be back with photos of my new creations very soon .... watch this space.

All for now, so have a good week everyone, wrap up and keep warm, and see you soon.

Love from me xx