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by Julie Brooks

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentine's cards sorted!

Hello again my friends

I don't know what sort of day you've all had, but for me it's been very mixed. This morning was spent joining in imaginary place scenarios with my son and husband involving a fire and a posh lady needing to be rescued from a high place, having no notion of how she got there in the first place! Oh, and then a criminal-type appeared up on a cliff and before anyone could apprehend him he'd somehow magically flown across a gorge to the other side - must have super powers!

So, I finally made it into my little den around lunchtime and in between various interruptions managed to produce three more lovely Valentine's cards, one of which was my husband's design idea actually, so I'm very happy. That's 5 to go to The Emporium and fingers crossed I sell at least two!

This evening I've polished off what was left of my share of a large box of Black Magic chocolates which had been festering (well, not quite) under our sofa since Christmas. I have to say it's a relief that the box has gone and is no longer staring me in the face challenging my will power, which obviously completely failed me this evening lol!

Tomorrow it will be a quick trip to The Emporium to get my new cards in place and then more making. I'll be focusing on 8 x 8 cards in all sorts of colour schemes and with all kinds of themes and hopefully somewhere between my little grey cells and my fingers the magic will happen and I'll be able to produce something at least acceptable!

See you all soon.
Love from me xxxx
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