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by Julie Brooks

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Got the dreaded lurgy!

Hey there friends!

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

I've just been checking out my favourite blogs and it looks like everyone has been very busy this weekend already, with some beautiful projects completed - well done all of you and I only wish I had as much talent. I on the other hand have not been busy in the crafty sense at all! We (husband and I) spent pretty much the whole day yesterday blitzing our son's bedroom, which was quite disgusting since we'd not been able to do any proper cleaning in there for weeks thanks to his rather large (but very impressive) Lego City setup taking up most of the floor space. So it came as a huge relief when he finally accepted that he wasn't playing with it anymore and it was time for it all to be packed away for a while. Of course, this job fell to his Dad and me, and it gave us a great opportunity to not only do a really good thorough clean, but also to move some of his furniture around so that the space works better for him. The end result is fab, our son loves it and I'm ecstatic that it's all clean and shiny again! The downside of all of this hard work? Last night, feeling happy but quite frankly exhausted, I fell prey to the cold my husband has been suffering with (and generously sharing with us!) for the last week and as a result have been feeling a bit grotty to say the least! Our son has also come down with it - joy! So we all had a terrible night and have therefore felt less than enthusiastic about doing anything constructive today. So instead we had a relatively lazy time getting a few essential things done this morning but then chilling out in PJs, watching films and eating pizza, popcorn, chocolate and crisps this afternoon! And we plan to do the same again tomorrow. Excellent therapy, great quality time together as a family (which doesn't happen very often because we're so busy) and a great excuse to eat all those things we shouldn't!

As a result of all of this lack of activity I don't have much in the crafty department to share with anyone at the mo, but before I fell victim to this wretched bug I did manage a couple of crafty projects and have included photos below, just to make my blog entry a bit more interesting to look at! Both projects used heat embossing - I'm really pleased with how the hearts turned out - and I thoroughly enjoyed colouring the picture and framing it. I will certainly be doing more of these kinds of projects in the future. It's still quite a steep learning curve for me since I only started my journey in the world of paper crafts a couple of years ago, and there are so many techniques still to try out, let alone master! But, I think I'm doing ok, and if people are buying my creations then I must be! Onwards and upwards and feeling more excited and enthusiastic about it all with each passing week.

So now I've had a bit of a ramble I'm off to dose up, have a hot cuppa, and try and thrash some poor virtual opponent at Scrabble!

Take care and see you all when I'm feeling more human again!

Love from me xx

                                   I love the way this turned out but what you can't see is the
                            lovely linen texture on that paper - it's fab and feels very
                            luxurious. I had very positive feedback on this but found it
                            really interesting that most people thought hearts or flowers
                            but not both so that the beautiful paper can be seen and enjoyed
                            better. I can see their point though, it is very lovely paper and
                            shouldn't be hidden, so that's something I will definitely bear in
                                  mind in future creations.

                                     I always loved colouring as a child and to be able to indulge
                              that part of me and at the same time create something which
                              would look great on anyone's wall is a pure joy. I use
                              Promarkers for my colouring in and although I still don't have
                              all the different shades, I was really happy with the way this
                              turned out.