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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Secret Valentine's card revealed!

Hi again!

Just a quick additional post, as I realised I'd promised to post a picture of the Valentine's Card I'd made back in January but couldn't reveal until after Valentine's Day! I'm happy to say my husband was delighted with it, and I'm still really pleased with how it turned out. It was my very first go at heat embossing and it worked out so well that I'll probably make more along these lines in the future. It's a simple design but the red and gold is lovely together and I think it works really well. xx

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Hello folks

So, that's the weekend pretty much over. I don't know where the time goes.

I'm happy to say the cold is on its way out and I felt much more human today. As a result I got crafty for a little while this afternoon and made this quick card. I'm quite pleased with the outcome but think I could do more so that's my challenge to myself - to do more and push myself to the next level .. whatever that might be! I enjoyed making this one though, and I think that's really important. I'm having fun playing with all these little metalic bits and pieces and it's all very new to me, and I probably need to be braver and more adventurous, but, as I said yesterday, I'm still on quite a steep learning curve so I'm not going to be too hard on myself! Anyway, I like the way it looks and hopefully someone else will too! I've called it "Nature's Rebellion".

Bye for now.
Love from me xx