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by Julie Brooks

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gift tags as promised

Good afternoon everyone

I've noticed that there are a few more people reading my Blog so welcome to all of you and I hope you're enjoying reading about my projects as they progress. Please leave a comment, even if only to say hi, as I love to hear from you.

So, in my last post I promised I would show you the tags I've been making and I do now have a couple of photos for you. They are quite humble compared with some I've seen on recent Blogs, but I'm very pleased with them and I think they are both decorative and functional, and hopefully others will think the same!

These first two were done fairly simply using stamps, glitter and Sakura Metallic pens. I love them both for their relative simplicity and their overall look.

Now these two tags were a different story, and actually started life as a bookmark! Unfortunately when I came to stamp the sentiment in the centre of said bookmark I managed to stamp it a bit skewy so that meant the bookmark was no good. However, I salvaged the two sections with the butterflies on and, hey presto, two lovely tags! So, the design for these goes something like this: The background pattern is done using watermark ink and a stamp (actually the same stamp as in the left hand tag in the other pair above). Then I inked over it with two distress inks, applying several coats and blending where the two colours met in order to achieve the finished look. When that was completely dry I added the butterflies. The two sections were mounted on black card and then mounted onto the tags, which I had also inked in order to get the two-colour effect, but I did the orange closest to the pink sections of the design and the pink closest to the orange sections, providing more contrast. I then inked some tiny flowers, cut them out and adhered them for added interest, adding a small silver coloured floral embellishment to the centre of each.

I hope you like my designs and I'll be back soon with more crafty news.

Take care,
love from me xx

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