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by Julie Brooks

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Little discoveries can be as exciting as big ones!

Hi folks

I'm melting! I'm sorry to say that even though many of you have been delighted by the arrival of a mini heatwave this week, and don't get me wrong, I am loving all of this brightness beaming down on us, I have sadly found it unbearably hot and have spent the last three days and nights wilting and unable to do much at all! It wouldn't be so bad if there'd been a half decent breeze to go with the glorious sun, but that's been sadly lacking for the mostpart. I used to like temperatures in the mid to high 20s, and even coped with temperatures in the mid 30s when I went to The Gambia on holiday in 1998 (gosh, showing my age there!), but since being pregnant 11 years ago I haven't been able to tolerate them anywhere near as well so it must be something to do with hormones (pah, who needs them, more trouble than they're worth if you ask me!)

Anyway, less of this moaning and complaining about our quirky English weather (and hormones)! The question is, have I managed to do anything remotely crafty? Yes ... just! I am continuing with the card order for one of my friends and also made a card unrelated to her order which I can't reveal yet, but I do have something to share with you.

Now, as many of you will agree, in the world of crafting each day offers new discoveries as we experiment with new products, or just try a different technique. Well, none of what I'm about to tell you may class as a new technique (or maybe it does?) and doesn't include any new products either, but it revealed something quite exciting all the same, although perhaps it won't be quite so mindblowing for all of you as it was for me, so apologies in advance if what comes next is a bit of an anti-climax for anyone out there!

What? What? I hear you ask! Well, whilst making one of the cards for my friend's order, I decided to use one of the lovely Craftwork Cards butterfly stamps from their Butterflies and Blooms set. It's one with no pattern on it at all, it's just a smooth surface, so when you ink it up you get a bold butterfly print. Now, I decided to stamp onto some of their Moorish Embossed Squares paper because I wanted something with pattern and texture to tie in with the rest of my card. So I inked up the stamp with two shades of pink (because I wanted a slightly two-tone effect) and stamped my butterfly onto said textured paper. Imagine then, my surprise at lifting the stamp away from the paper, to discover that the embossed pattern from the paper had transferred onto the stamp! How fab is that? It's like two stamps for the price of one! So before it had chance to dry out (I used chalk inks), I quickly stamped it onto some smooth cardstock to see if the pattern would transfer onto the new stamped image, and it did! Well, I was practically jumping up and down with excitement (or I would have been had I not been in the midst of another heatwave meltdown at the time)! I just love making little discoveries like this.

You can just about see in the top photo, my two-tone pink butterfly stamped onto the textured paper, then in the middle photo the stamp showing how the pattern from the textured paper has magically transferred onto it, and then in the bottom photo the butterfly I quickly stamped onto the smooth cardstock to see if the pattern would transfer - and it did!

Now, I watched one of Tim Holtz's tutorials recently (although I don't know how recently he produced the tutorial!) and he demonstrated using stamps with lots of surface area and inking them up, then inking up a second "reversed image" stamp (called "reflections" or something like that) and stamping it onto the surface of the first stamp, and when you then stamp the first stamp onto your card, you instantly get a sort of two stamps on one effect. Well, I think what I managed to do today, quite by chance, is quite similar although in itself achieved in a different way. I will definitely do more of this kind of thing and just think of all the added value it promises when using stamps with big surface areas. Very exciting!

If anyone out there has made any exciting little discoveries during their crafty sessions I'd love to hear from you, so do please leave a comment sharing your discovery to blow my mind even more!

Take care, stay cool (or hot if you prefer it) and pop back again soon to see what else I've been up to.

Love from me xx