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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stamp Magic and first try with my new toy!

Hi folks

Hope you've had a good weekend - where did it go? I can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow!

So, what have I been up to today? Well, last thing yesterday we decided to go to the Stamp Magic show in Doncaster today if we were all awake at a sensible time and felt energetic enough! So, since we were all up before 8am, we headed off and arrived there before 10.30am, but it was already very busy. I hadn't intended buying anything(!) but just wanted to enjoy some demos on the different stands to gleen some hints, tips and tricks. I wasn't disappointed when I got to the Stampendous stand as I saw a fab demo on using all the lovely Fran-tage products which really got my juices flowing and I must confess I did buy a few bits and pieces! Looking forward to being able to clear my desk and have a play with that little lot I can tell you. I've got a box frame just crying out for that kind of makeover! And I did spend a small fortune on dies too I'm afraid! But I was careful to select the ones I think I'll get the most use out of and again, that's something I'm looking forward to trying out soon. Anyway, after three hours of battling crowds and queues we'd all had enough so we headed for home for a well-earned lunch.

This afternoon I got a bit of quiet time (bliss) and I surprised myself by having a little play with my Sizzix Big Shot and a Tim Holtz Embossing Folder. (I'd intended to just plough on working through my Garden Party paper stack.) So, after spending a good ten minutes working out what I needed (the multipurpose platform thingy has two tabs and I had to read the info on both and try to work out what category my embossing folder fitted into and whether I needed one or both tabs and whether I also needed anything which I don't yet have - can't you tell this is all new to me!), I bravely began trying to put the "sandwich" through the machine, but became very alarmed when the top plate lifted quite high at the non-roller end. I stopped and took it out again. I inspected the card and saw that it was starting to emboss on the bit that had gone through, so I plucked up the courage to try to send it through again, and it did go through but the plate lifted again to begin with so I pressed down on it to try to stop that happening and I was convinced I was going to break it, and it was a rather heart-in-the-mouth moment as it creaked and squeaked, but finally it came through the other side, with nothing broken (phew!) and hey-presto! a fab embossed card. I'd put the whole folded card into the embossing folder because I wanted to see if it would cope with that thickness, and it did a brilliant job on both sides of the card so I got two for the price of one, and I have to say I was rather pleased with the results (not wanting to sound smug of course!). I trimmed around the edges where they hadn't embossed and used the two halves to make two simple little cards which really show off the embossing. Unfortunately by the time I remembered to take photos of them, the light was deteriorating and the photos are rubbish - the colour balance is all wrong and they're hopeless. So I'm going to photograph them again tomorrow morning and hopefully will be able to share them with you then!

So, my journey into the world of die cutting and embossing has well and truly begun - exciting times!

Take care and see you soon.
Love from me x