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by Julie Brooks

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Saturday, 30 June 2012

More teasers for you!

Hello people

Just a quick one from me today with two more sneaky peeks of my latest Craftwork Cards DT creations. All will become clear in due course!

While we're on the subject of Craftwork Cards, if you're not already a Privilege Club member, then now's the time to join as they have a beautiful new kit available for which there is a fab tutorial on the Privilege Club which has been produced by the very talented Karen Hayselden, for making a sumptuous 8 inch twisted easel card with ... wait for it ... a detachable wreath! It is absolutely stunning, and the kit is only £10 to Privilege Club members (otherwise it's £20). I've already ordered one and if I get on well with the tutorial I may well be ordering more because it's such a beautiful, fabulous and unique gift to be able to give to someone special for a special occasion, and I have three or four people in mind who would definitely like one (plus myself, so that's actually 5 kits then!). So if you were at all hesitant about joining and wondering whether it's worth the £15 per 6 months fee, well .... yes, it is! Go and take a look and treat yourself today!

Right, I'm off to do some more playing now.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever you're doing. Me? Well, I've just put a new range of cards in at my local shop, with a new display stand to jazz things up a bit, and we've just taken delivery of a new car. Our other car was only 3 years old but it was a standard 5-seater, and we have two nieces and a nephew around the same age as our son (who moved over from Australia last year) whom we'd like to be able to take out from time to time without the need for a second car and driver, so we've gone for a slightly less economical (but still quite a good performance) 7-seater to enable us to do that. So we will probably be putting that through its paces tomorrow to see what it's capable of! Of course our son loves it, even though he was very upset to be parting with our previous one, and he's already fully investigated under the bonnet, tested all the lights, the CD player and every other gadget it contains, and has now gone off to fill it up with fuel. He's a happy chappy, and if he's happy, I'm happy.

Bye for now and take care.

Love from me xx