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by Julie Brooks

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Another Pretty Little Prints card

Hello everyone

So, mixed weather today - as in mixed between grey and cloudy and raining! Lovely! Still, that didn't stop the repairs commencing to our garage. All of the front brickwork above the door was, up until last summer, being slowly eroded by that most wonderous and determined of plants - ivy! Apololgies to any ivy lovers out there, but it had to go, for obvious reasons! We had tried just cutting it back but it was a vigorous grower (VERY) and soon we were back in the same mess, so that left us no choice. Anyway, we had to leave a section of dead ivy stems (all tangled and gnarly) in place because it was attached to said brickwork and we knew if we tried to remove it, half the brickwork would come away with it! So, finally, today, our lovely builder came to put it all right. Scarily, during his journey of discovery around our masonry he discovered that the metal lintel which sat behind the brickwork had also corroded terribly due to water leaking in behind the brickwork, so the job turned into a much bigger one with the old lintel having to be removed and a new one put in place. Another £100 but at least it will now be sound for many years to come, so money well spent in our opinion.

And what was I doing while he was busy doing that with an audience of my husband and our son to keep him company/hinder his progress? Making cards of course! I did a refurb on a few and they now look much more appealing, and I made a lovely card using more of the Pretty Little Prints range from Craftwork Cards.

I fixed some patterned paper to the embossed frame and, using Pixie Dust Chalk Ink, lightly inked the embossing to bring out the pattern. Next I made the three flowers, first by drawing round a retro flower and cutting it out of the stripy paper and curling the petals down, then by taking a retro flower, scoring the petals and folding them up, then finally creating a centrepiece for by using a thin strip of the stripy paper, folding it in half to make it thicker, and then coiling it around my little picky tool (which looks rather like something nasty used by a dentist!) to create a tight roll. I glued the end to hold it together. I made three of these flower combos. I fixed each layer and centre together using Glossy Accents. These flowers are really dimensional as you'll see in the close-up photos below. Next I punched two holes into the embossed frame and I tied some lovely pink ribbon through, tying the knots at the front and fiddling with the ribbon until I was happy with how it sat. Cut the ends at an angle to stop them fraying, and they just look more professional that way. I then fixed my three flowers in place, added the sentiment, some clear crystals and fixed the frame to the card using foam pads. The finishing touch was Candi in the four corners of the card. Oh, and finally, I shaped the corners of the card with a corner punch.

I love how dimensional these flowers are and I think the centres look like tiny sticks of rock!

I hope you like this card. I think it's really pretty.

Take care and I'll be back soon.

Love from me xx