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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Feels like heaven ......

...... British F1 Grand Prix and Wimbledon Men's Singles Final, both on the same day - how fab is that? And add to that the bonus of my lovely son Alex baking some absolutely delicious chocolate chip cupcakes, and that is a heavenly recipe for a fab few hours in my book!

Wow! Did we get some great value competitive performances today, in both sporting events. The Grand Prix had me on the edge of my seat several times with all the vying for positions going on, and what about that poor pit crew all being almost flattened? I think it's safe to say they all had a lucky escape, though I did hear that one crew member was taken off to hospital to be checked over so I hope he's ok. And I really felt sorry for Paul Di Resta when he was out on the first lap due to a puncture - so disheartening. Sadly our boys didn't get podium positions today, but it was still a good race!

And then the tennis! I can honestly say I haven't been so well entertained and enjoyed a tennis match so much in many, many years. Our Andy Murray put absolutely everything, heart and soul, into his game today and I shed tears too at the end, I can tell you. He worked so hard and even though he didn't win, he has my full admiration for his sheer determination, his battling spirit and being able to be so gracious at the end of the match when interviewed by Sue Barker, even though he was heart-broken at his defeat. Well done Andy - as far as I'm concerned you are No.l and I will look forward to being wowed by your on-court performances again next year.

And as if that wasn't enough to make my day feel fabby, my wonderful son made some truly beautiful chocolate chip cupcakes (with a little help from yours truly) - with both white and milk chocolate chips in them (and lots of them - two whole bags in fact!). After all the baking I let him loose with the icing and red, white and blue decorations once they'd cooled (but kept some "plain" too) and below are the pictures. I can tell you they not only look fab, but they taste absolutely delicious. He's an excellent baker and always has been. Well done Alex and thank you for such a yummy Sunday treat. xxxx

My gorgeous boy

Now to decorate these cakes. Icing on, then a liberal sprinkling of blue sugar!
Fab piping technique there
But wait! It's not finished yet!
Now we're talking!
More yumminess!
Wow! Looks almost like a 9-squares card!!!!
I think you'll agree, my son is gorgeous, and those cupcakes really do look fabby and delicious.

Ok folks, that's all from me for today, but pop back tomorrow when I'll share some crafting piccies with you.

Bye for now.
Love from me xx