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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A photo frame and a card

Hello all

Well, we've had a much needed break from all the rain today and had lots of very pleasant sunshine for most of the day. It's felt cooler and there's been quite a breeze, but I'm not complaining! I know some of you are still having terrible problems with heavy rainfall so I hope you too get a break from it soon.

I have two makes to share with you today. One is a photo frame which I made yesterday and the other is a card which I made this afternoon.

So, the photo frame started life as a chipboard scalloped circle which was actually one of the covers from a larger size chipboard mini note book which I bought in the Craftwork Cards sale recently. I drew around one of my rolls of double sided tape to get a reasonable sized centre aperture and then cut this out.

The next step was to cover the rest of it with pretty paper on both sides. This was, as you can imagine, a bit fiddly because of having to cut carefully around each of the scallops. I am so glad I have a pair of scissors with curved blades for this job (which I "borrowed" from a manicure set a couple of years ago and never returned!). I of course also had to cut the centre out again - twice! I inked around all of the cut edges with DI Victorian Velvet on both sides, and then went around all the scallops with Stardust Glitter Glue too, again on both sides.

I cut a piece of heavy duty acetate to the correct size to cover the aperture and fixed this in place on the reverse side of the frame with Glossy Accents. Then I cut three 1cm wide strips of chipboard to create a bit of a framework for the back to be fixed on to, which would leave a gap of about 2 or 3mm to slide a photo into place behind the acetate. I fixed these in place on three sides of the acetate, leaving the opening at the top. I had inked these with DI Victorian Velvet to take the cardboard look off them so they blended better with the rest of the frame. Then I cut a piece of chipboard large enough to cover the aperture and fit neatly over the "framework" and covered this on one side with another paper before fixing it in place, again with Glossy Accents. So that was the back done.

I punched two holes at the top of the frame, reinforced them with eyelets and threaded pink and brown ribbon through, which I twisted a bit and knotted on the back.

Then I cut four little butterflies out of some of the same paper that I used for the back of the aperture ready to fix onto the front of the frame. I had a larger 4-layered flower left over from when I made the horseshoe and wedding card a few days ago, and to go with this I made 3 smaller 3-layer flowers, which I gave the lacquer and glitter treatment in the same way as I'd done previously. I placed the large flower on the left of the frame and the 3 smaller ones in a cluster on the right, and arranged the four butterflies, folded their wings up and fixed everything in place, again with Glossy Accents. And that was it, job finished.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out and just need to find the right photo to go in it now!

This would work equally well as a mirror!

Now onto my card. This is an 8 inch "flat" card. I started off with a large scalloped circle of white card, which was actually one of the pages from the mini note book mentioned above. I covered this on one side with one of the new Craftwork Cards Pretty Little Prints papers, carefully cutting around all of the scallops, which took an age to do. This is where half my time goes when I'm making things, because 9 times out of 10 I seem to end up with lots of fiddly shapes to cut round! Anyway, after cutting around them, I inked all of the scalloped edges with DI Shaded Lilac and then also went around them all with Stardust Glitter Glue, which actually ended up looking slightly pink, but that's ok as it works fine with the rest of the card! Onto this I fixed an embossed frame using foam pads. I chose a Warren All Occasions image and used some Stardust Glitter Glue to highlight the pattern on the hot air balloon, Warren's fur and the little bird. I drew around a scalloped circle onto the pink floral Pretty Little Patterns paper and cut this out carefully and fixed Warren to this once the glitter glue was dry. I also added glitter glue around all of the scallops on this smaller scallop circle.

Once the glitter was dry I fixed this piece in place, again using foam pads, on the top half of the embossed frame in order to leave some of the paper in the centre section showing. I chose a sentiment, inked around the edges with DI Shaded Lilac and fixed this in place across the bottom corner of the embossed frame, again using foam pads.

So, I had my design all done, now I just needed to find a card to fix it to! I discovered I had no white 8 inch straight edged cards left (note to self: place an order with Craftwork Cards pronto!), so I tried it on a scalloped edged card, but this didn't work because all the scallops clashed with eachother and I couldn't get anything to line up in a way I was happy with. So I searched through my other 8 inch card blanks and found a pale pink pearlescent one. At first I was concerned that the colour wasn't right as it's much lighter than the pink on the Warren image and the floral patterned paper, but having placed the front piece on and left it there for a while, going away and coming back to look at it twice, I decided that actually it worked ok, so I fixed the front piece in place! I finished off by using some Moorish Candi in the four corners of the card.

Various elements in this card make were a challenge for me, not least of all trying to get everything lined up, central at all points so even on both sides and top and bottom (and I didn't get it quite right in a couple of places), and I didn't want to put any flowers on this card as I do with so many of my designs, simply because I wanted a change!

Overall I am happy with the way this card turned out, and I hope you like it too.

Phew! That was a long post.

Right, time to go, so thanks for visiting, please do leave a comment as I love reading them, and I'll see you all soon.

Take care, love from me xx