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by Julie Brooks

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Gorgeous Sugar Plum Fairy

Morning everyone

Hope you're all having a good Friday. Mine has been a tad busy in the housework department so far, and soon I have to prepare lunch before sitting down to teach my son for the afternoon. But at least it is Friday, so two days of chilling lie ahead and I can tell you I am really looking forward to that ..... film, popcorn, maybe a glass of wine ..... bliss.

Anyway, if you've been over to the Craftwork Cards Blog today you will have seen my post featuring the newest arrival in our family - my gorgeous Sugar Plum Fairy! For those of you who haven't, or who just want another look, here she is ......

Isn't she beautiful?

This is a 6 inch square deep box frame picture which started life as a natural wood box frame, a kraft mannequin and some papers and flowers from the Craftwork Cards Sugarplum Floral Pad.

I began by painting the frame using chalk acrylic paint in a colour called Sherbet, and when dry this had a generous coating of Crafter's Companion Spray & Sparkle in Silver added. (Now, this stuff really produces quite strong fumes - ok, it stinks! - so I would always recommend using it outside rather than in, as not only can it cause dizziness and drowsiness - it carries a warning on the can - but the fumes linger for a good 20 minutes after applying it. But once it's dry, thankfully there are no probs with any residual smells!) So, one sparkly frame - I love the sparkle of the silver on the sherbet pink.

I then gave the mannequin a couple of coats of Adirondack Lights Snow Cap ink, just to lighten it a touch, and once this was dry I added some Ranger Stickles Star Dust Glitter glue to the top and bottom to add some sparkle.

Next, I took a sheet of paper from the Sugarplum Flower Pad, I chose the dotty one, cut a piece the right width and length for my mannequin and then folded it in lots of narrow pleats to form a dress. I pinched the "dress" in the middle to form the waist and then fixed this to the mannequin using Glossy Accents. I had to play around a bit with the pleats in order to get the shape right. Next I took some white tulle, gathered this where the waist would be, and fixed this on top of the pleated paper by wrapping some lovely plum coloured ribbon around and tying on the front at the side. The top layer of the dress is formed by using two pieces of a lovely, sparkly silver mesh ribbon which is quite wide and quite stiff and which is often used around special celebration cakes, but I cannot remember what it is called! I thought it would be perfect, so I threaded the two strips underneath the waistband ribbon and gently coaxed them into place so that they were nicely gathered above the waist and then dropped down on either side of the dress, leaving a gap in the centre so that you can see the other layers beneath. Finally for the mannequin I applied some Star Dust glitter glue to the waistband ribbon for added sparkle.

Next, I took another sheet of paper from the Sugarplum Flower Pad to use as my background, and to this I fixed a lovely big plum coloured feather, which I bought in a pack from Hobbycraft, but you can probably buy them at most decent craft shops. Next I fixed some strands of crystals offset to one side, and then mounted the beautiful mannequin on top using foam pads to lift it away from the background.

I used some of the little flowers from the Sugarplum Flower Pad in the bottom corners, folding them into various shapes and adding clear gems for centres, and also added a sprinkling of clear gems around the background just to provide even more sparkle!

A closer shot of the lovely dress so you can see the layers
Even closer to see the ribbon dotted with glitter glue
Fab strands of clear crystals
Finally I got to put the whole thing together and I am very pleased with the finished picture. It was so much fun to do and extremely rewarding to see an idea which just popped into my head turn into reality in the space of just a couple of hours. It probably would have taken less time but I did "faff around" quite a lot with the dress layers and the feather to get them exactly as I wanted them!

But what do you think? I'd love to read your thoughts so please do leave a comment

All from me for now, so take care and have a great weekend, and to all my new followers a big THANK YOU and I hope you enjoy sharing my crafting journey with me.

Love from me xx