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by Julie Brooks

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Floral wreath making workshop

Hi folks

Just a quick one from me to day to share with you the photos from my floral wreath making workshop which I held at the weekend. Apologies in advance as there are lots of photos to look at! And just a note that all the materials to make these beautiful wreaths are available from Craftwork Cards Ltd, so if you fancy having a go yourself - that's where to go to buy your supplies!

I had hoped for a full house at my workshop - the big round table at The Emporium where I held the workshop can seat up to 8 people comfortably - but in the end there were only four of us, still, better than nothing and it's a start!

We all had a fabulous time and my ladies all made different and beautiful floral wreaths which they were very pleased with.

The first picture I'm posting is the state our table was in part way through the workshop - could we possibly fit anything else on there? I just couldn't resist showing you!
Notice the sweeties there, ready for sucking to help with concentration!
busy shaping all of those flowers

concentrating hard on getting the shape just right
inking up the chipboard ring
more shaping
and even more shaping
After all the flower shaping and layering, and inking up the rings and tying the ribbons through, it was finally time to arrange all of those beautiful blooms to make the wreath come to life, but first .... let's take a closer look at some of those beautiful blooms shall we?

Fab shape and those vintage colours are very classy
A beautiful daffodil made using the Frosty flowers
Side view to see the beautiful dimensional bloom
A whole array of beautiful blooms!
So, let's get it all fixed together and see what we've achieved in this 2 hour slot! Hold onto your hats - these wreaths are simply gorgeous and my ladies were so creative and skilful - well done to you all!
Wow! Fabulous Frosty flowered wreath - this will be so sparkly once that glitter glue dries!
A beautiful Sweet Pea creation!
Last, but by no means least, the glorious vintage version, with gold chipboard ring too - what a brilliant combination!
And once all of that hard work was done, there was even time to play with the patterned strips from the die cut sheets to try to make a "tatty" flower too!

So there you go, my first workshop, and I had so much fun - we all did - and I can't wait to do my next one!

Thanks for dropping in, hope you've enjoyed sharing my happiness with me, and I'll be back soon.

Take care all,
love from me xx