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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Where's my kitchen?!

Hello everyone

Just a quick post from me tonight with an update on the home improvements going on here.

You may recall I mentioned lots of major cosmetic surgery going on in the place, all badly needed and very overdue. Well, the latest progress in the lounge is that we now have our lights wired in - yippee! We brought them with us from the last house and they've been in boxes every since. So, two and a half years on, they are finally up and running! We're really pleased we refused to leave them (the buyer of our last house wanted EVERYTHING left - he'd only ever rented fully furnished places before and seemed to be under the impression that when you buy a house you also buy all the contents, so it was quite a shock to him when we said "no way"!). They work really well with our woodburner and the neutral colour scheme we've opted for. There's still a lot to do in the lounge to finish it off and as and when, I'll show you how things are going!

The other news is someone stole our kitchen!! Not really, my husband (ably aided by both myself and our son) dismantled it the other weekend so that we could have all the necessary electrical work done which involved gouging out holes and trenches in the plaster and masonry and around the edges of the ceiling too (we have a flat roof on the kitchen - it was built in the 1970s - so no loft access for cabling). It's a right old mess really with heaps of filling in to do before we can progress any further, but my husband has bought all the materials required to do the job and I know he'll give it his best shot even though it's not his forte at all. All told it's cost us just under £1000 to get all the electrics done - gulp! Still, it could have been worse.

So, that's the latest. I'll leave you with a few pics showing our lights, missing kitchen and our temporary kitchenette!

Our son giving a helping hand!

Temporary cooking area!

Somebody stole our kitchen!

Oh no, my mistake, they just relocated it to the back garden!

Lots of cables and switches - exciting!

One of our lovely lights
Take care.

Bye for now.

Love from me xx