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by Julie Brooks

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thanks so much

Hi folks

I tried to post this a couple of days ago but Mr Blogger wasn't having any of it and I couldn't get any of the photos to load - so annoying when that happens!

So here goes attempt number two, having abandoned my original post altogether!

As those of you who follow my blog will know, I haven't been in the crafty realm for a good number of weeks now, simply because I had nowhere to work and the house was in a mess due to major cosmetic surgery taking place in some areas - namely the lounge and kitchen - so everything had to be hauled out of those rooms and placed elsewhere, meaning the crafty zone had to be sacrificed. However, just in the last two weeks we've managed to rejig things enough to free up at least a desk!! Yay!!

So, this card I made using crafty bits and pieces which were lying around plus some paper from a double-sided 12 inch sheet, the designer of which I have no idea, there's no name on the paper - it was sitting in one of my 12 inch paper storage boxes which I rediscovered and flicking through went WOW! several times because I had completely forgotten I had them - no doubt you're the same because we all have an addiction to papers don't we?! Needless to say they'll be getting more of an airing in the very near future!

So, I decorated the tag with some shaped paper flowers which I had left over from other projects, tied three ribbons through the top and added a couple of bits of lace for foliage, along with a die cut flourish which, again, was left over from another project.

I fixed the tag on an angle to the easel card (a Craftwork Cards Fanciful 6 inch card) and then decorated the base with more flowers and another flourish. I finished with pearls and a dusting of Pumice Stone Distress Ink all around the edges. The reason I fixed the tag on at such an angle was to show the word "Adore" on that paper. Given that this is a thank you card, the word "Adore" could refer to the recipient of a gift wanting to convey the fact they adore it to the sender of the gift, or it could just be that they want to convey to the sender that they adore them for being such a wonderful person. Who knows? For me, it's because I adore using paper flowers!

It doesn't show up well in the photos, but the two papers are from the same sheet, just the two sides are very different designs, and the greens are exactly the same shade but for some reason you can't tell that really in the photos - I do find greens quite difficult to photograph and get the colour levels right - do you?

I loved mixing the different ribbons together - satin, grosgrain and organza - gives it a different feel somehow, and the lace foliage was two little pieces I had left over from yet another previous project and I thought they'd work really well for leaves! Oh, and the flourish on the base is actually the same colour as the one on the tag - again, a trick of the light!

This card needs a box to go with it really because of the depth of those flowers, so maybe that will be my next crafty project!

Anyway, I'm pleased with it, and the wording "Thanks so much" is a message to all of you for sticking with me. Please leave a comment - I love to hear from you, and I'll hopefully be back soon with another crafty offering.

Take care everyone,
love from me xx