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by Julie Brooks

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Friday, 17 May 2013

A little something I made a while ago

Hello all

I'm back with another post, having found something to share with you all that I made a few months ago. In fact I think I probably made it with Valentine's Day in mind, but forgot to blog it, silly me!

So, this item started life as two separate things - a small heart-shaped box made from Papier Mache, which I bought from Hobbycraft, and a wooden heart-shaped tag - can't remember where I bought that from, but think it was somewhere online.

Firstly, I used Stazon ink to cover the whole of the little box, both inside and out. That, as you can imagine, turned into an incredibly inky messy job and it being Stazon, took a while to wash off! Then I fixed some lace around the edge of the lid. Then I thought, "Now what do I do with it, it's not much of a thing as it is"! I will just add here that the reason I didn't stamp any images onto the box is because the surface was in places quite uneven and I felt sure I wouldn't have got the finished effect I wanted so didn't risk it!

At the same time as doing this and mulling its future over, I had the wooden heart tag which I was also wondering what to do with! I tell you, there are days when inspiration just isn't there AT ALL, not even for simple things like this! I buy these bits and pieces thinking "Yeah, I can do something with that", with lots of ideas flashing through my mind, each for only a split second, but then when I sit down to actually create something I can't work out or remember what that "something" was supposed to be! Do you get days like that too?

So anyway, after much debating, toying with different ideas, mucking about with various bits and pieces trying to come up with something that would be nice but not fussy, I opted for using a heart-shaped rubber stamp which had a lovely flourish design on it. This is one of those stamps where the design is cut into the rubber so you get lots of flat surface which the ink covers and the design itself doesn't get inked, but because I'm a bit of a novice and not up on all the jargon, I can't remember what that's called - I'm sure you all know what I mean though! So, I used the same red Stazon ink on the stamp and stamped the image onto the wooden heart. The stamp wasn't the same size as the wooden heart, so I was left with space around the edges and although it looked quite nice, sort of like a heart within a heart, it didn't look quite right, so I set to with the sponge and the ink and filled in all the remaining space, along with the sides, until all that was left "empty" was the flourish itself. I quite like this, clean and simple. I toyed with the idea of adding sparkling gems, glitter and the like, but in the end decided against any of those.

I tied some red ribbon and some lace through the hole at the top and then thought, "So now what am I going to do with this?". My answer? To stick the wooden heart tag onto the lid of the heart box! Et voila! A pretty little heart-shaped box with a wooden tag topper, I suppose!

I deliberately didn't crop out the shadow on this photo - I love shadows and silhouettes!

Well, that's all from me for this post. I hope you like my little box and have a laugh at my clumsy way of getting things done ... eventually! Please do leave a comment. I appreciate them all and love to hear from you.

Take care and see you all again soon.

Love from me xx