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by Julie Brooks

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Commission orders

Hi folks

Hope you're all well and enjoying the summer. No doubt some of you are just about to break up for summer vacation.

Here at Chez Brooks it's been a busy time, sort of. I went off for a well-earned break to Mallorca for a week in May and had a lovely, stress-free week, with lots of gentle walks meandering around the local area taking in the scenery and nature's wonders in general. Bliss. I also got to spend time with two very special friends - bonus!

My son's PDAS (pathological demand avoidance syndrome - an autistic spectrum disorder) has made life increasingly challenging and restrictive this year, to the point where often I don't go anywhere or see anyone from one week to the next. His aggression levels are spiking too, so needless to say I am hoping that his hormones will settle down soon and perhaps alleviate things somewhat. In the meantime I just have to grin and bare it.

Crafting-wise, well, since I no longer make things for a local gift shop, the pressure's off and I can sit and make something when I feel like it rather than because I have to. This is nice because it frees me up to please myself what I make at any given time. So I've enjoyed making a little 8-inch canvas and adding lots of mixed media loveliness to another one I made a while ago. Mixed media is definitely a work in progress for me and somewhat of a learning curve to get the most out of different products and achieve the results I envisage - what I see in my head and what happens on the canvas are often two different things, which is sometimes good and sometimes not!

I have had a few card commissions recently, which is always nice, and I've included photos of two recent ones here, which I think I said I would in a previous post.

The first one is an 8-inch boxed easel card. A close friend of mine, a lady I was at school with, asked me to make a special card for her mum and dad's upcoming 60th wedding anniversary. I felt very honoured to be asked and this was what I came up with. The lovely couple were married in July 1955, so I chose a paper which has a swallow top left because I thought that was very appropriate for the time of year. I love the bride's wedding dress - fab 1950s styling and it even has a little collar, which you can't see in the photo here, but is just discernible in the original wedding photo. The dress is made from beautiful lace and is not quite full length. She had pink carnations in her bouquet so I made sure to include at least a couple in my design. The paper has a fantastic resist design printed on it which when inked with distress ink really brought out the detail, but again it's not showing particularly well in this photo unfortunately.

Inside (or on the base) I used the same paper again and more pink carnations. There is a vellum banner beneath the photo which reads "Congratulations".

My friend was absolutely delighted with this card and it was an absolute pleasure making it for her.

The next card was also commissioned by my lovely friend, for an upcoming wedding, which has now happened, so I'm safe sharing the photos!

My remit was a non-boxed card for a very young couple who were getting married, so I felt my stick figure bride and groom stamp was perfect! My friend didn't know the colour scheme for the wedding so I stuck with white, cream and pale pink, and coloured the bride's dress ivory.

Inside the card I used more of the same paper I'd used on the front, added a die-cut scalloped circle for writing a message on, and the vellum banner again reads "Congratulations".

My friend was also delighted with this card.

It is always a relief when I manage to get designs right for people - it's quite a responsibility!

As you can tell from most of my makes, I'm generally a CAS kind of girl, although I do deviate from time to time, but on the whole, I prefer uncluttered designs and think it's always nice to have a bit of space so you can see background designs/papers, which are so beautiful that they shouldn't be completely hidden and deserve to be enjoyed in all their glory.

Anyway, that's all from me for now.

I'll be back at some point to share my two recent canvasses, but in the meantime, the gutting and redecorating of a bedroom beckons, so that's what will be occupying me for the next couple of weeks or so!

Enjoy your hols, whether you're going away or staying home, and I'll see you soon.

Take care,
love Julie xx