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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

80th birthday card

Hellooo everyone, happy Sunday!

I can't believe it's nearly March already. I know they say time flies when you're having fun, but really? March next week? Well, I just hope Spring is following swiftly behind it because I'm fed up with all the cold days and hardly any colour in my garden. Don't get me wrong, we've had some brilliant blue sky sunshine days, but I hate the cold and need warm Mediterranean temperatures really. Guess I'm living in the wrong country for that lol!

Anyway, onto the card I'd like to share with you today - an 80th birthday card for my Dad. This is quite a lengthy post with quite a few photos, so you might want to make yourself a cuppa!

I've just realised I didn't take a photo of the front of the finished card - what a der brain, but one of the photos does show it done other than the sentiment!

So, this is another 8 x 8 white card and I layered it up with blue linen textured card and then black textured card. I used Imagination Crafts Sparkle Medium Light Copper and Lapis Blue and applied it to the card through one of their stencil templates called Diamond Background. I did the whole of the front, as you can see, and this was done in stages because the stencil is a 6 x 6 so not big enough to do the whole card in one go. So once I completed the first half I left it to dry and then did the rest. I love Sparkle Medium. It's the first time I've used it, and I barely scratched the surface of the contents of the pot because it spreads so well - a little goes a long way!

While it was drying I die-cut some cogs using my Memory Box die Steampunk Corner. My Dad spent his whole working life around machinery of one kind or another and started out as a mechanic in his Uncle's garage, so cogs and gears was the nearest I could get to engine parts and I thought sort of tied in with his later jobs working with big machinery in various industries.

The cogs were cut from more of the black cardstock I used on the card base and I fixed two, one at the bottom left and one top right on the front. I was going to leave them black because close-up that worked quite well, but you'll see a little later that I changed my mind! You can also see the odd "imperfection" in the application of the Sparkle Medium, but as Mr Holtz would say "embrace imperfection", or in my case, a little more practice would probably solve that issue - it was my first time using it after all, and anyway I decided it didn't matter because once the whole card came together it really wasn't noticeable.

Next I cut my numbers, using two chipboard numbers as my templates. I decided I wanted to colour them up to tie in with the sparkly background, so using Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax in Ultramarine and Imagination Crafts Alchemy Wax in Copper, I set to work.

You can see how messy my work mat is from the Alchemy Wax, but it cleaned off beautifully with a baby wipe! I just want to add here that the Alchemy Wax is very different from the Metallic Gilding Wax. Whereas the gilding wax is quite solid in the pot, the Alchemy Wax has a more fluid consistency, and is very creamy, so you hardly need any on your cloth at all and it goes a really long way and does a great job. I actually only used what was on the plastic cap inside the pot and didn't touch the contents of the actual pot at all!

So now my numbers look like ageing copper but the Ultramarine gilding wax has come out more green than blue on the black cardstock, so it's not quite matching the base. No worries, that will get sorted a bit later on!

I fixed the numbers to the base using foam pads and here was where I decided that leaving those cogs black was not right, so I set to work with the waxes and hey presto! it looks so much better now, and the bonus was that the wax not only lifted the cogs away from the base a little, but also highlighted some lovely fine embossed detailing on some of the cogs which otherwise would have been very difficult to see. At this stage I also decided to die cut some extra cogs for along the bottom and on the numbers. These are from an XCut set I've had for ages. You might also see a hint of something else there .... mica powder!

Yes, the solution, for me anyway, to the green not blue problem on the numbers and cogs, was to use some mica powder, and this one is from the Moonlight set and is a brilliant shade of blue, and did the job perfectly! I spritzed it all with water to set the powder and dried it quickly with my heat tool.

The last thing on the front, which as I said earlier, I forgot to take a photo of once finished - I was running out of time to get the card finished and over to my Dad's lol - was to add the words "Happy Birthday" at the top left. These words were made up of the letters which popped out of the banner die cut I used on my niece's birthday card - see earlier post! I just glued them in place at the top and coloured them with Cyan pigment ink to tie in with the colour scheme.

Inside I covered both sides with the same blue and black card and added more steampunk corners, but this time fixed them differently than on the front which seemed to look better somehow. I again gave them the waxing treatment and a sprinkling of mica powder which again I spritzed to set it and dried quickly with my heat tool. I finished with a die cut sentiment "With Love" which was from the First Editions Modern Sentiments set I used for my niece's card. Again I coloured it with Cyan pigment ink.

This picture shows the cogs waxed on the left but not yet on the right. If you just wantedit to look embossed, you could leave it unwaxed - it still looks great in my opinion

And here's a look at the front again!

Well, I hope you like this card and would love it if you would leave me a kind comment.

Thanks for visiting!

See you soon,
Julie x