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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Fun with Mix Media Ink Sprays and Sparkle Medium

Hi again everyone

I just wanted to share a little playtime I had with Imagination Crafts' Mix Media Ink Sprays and Sparkle Medium. The sprays were launched quite recently and are proving very popular, as you can imagine, because of their versatility. Sparkle Medium has been around a while now, but it's a great product and adds instant bling to any projects and is really coming into its own now!

I chose four colours of Mix Media Ink Spray: Light Blue, Blue, Orange and Light Fuchia, plus Amber Sparkle Medium. I've been using Sparkle Medium for a little while, but the ink sprays are new to me so I decided to give them a test drive! I also used a couple of Imagination Crafts stencils.

For my first little project a took a canvas board and randomly sprayed on the Light Fuchia and Light Blue ink sprays until I was happy with how it looked.

The colours really pop don't they? I love pink and blue together, and these bright colours really hit the spot for me. They dry very quickly, but where I had a slightly heavier ink application I used my heat tool to just dry it off quicker, because I'm an impatient crafter sometimes!

I stamped some words around the sides and in the centre of the board to give it some kind of focal point using Archival Ink and another product I have yet to get to grips with - Imagination Crafts Silkies Water-Based Stamping Paint. Where I stamped the text with the stamping paint, the letters weren't very well defined because I had quite a thick coating of paint on the stamp, so that was a fault with the user (aka me!) and certainly not a criticism of the product, but as it happened the look I ended up with was perfect because it became a beautiful golden highlight when I stamped again using the black Archival. For the wording in the centre I stamped twice in the black Archival, with the second stamping being much heavier with ink and offset slightly, so that the initial light stamping formed a shadow - a nice effect to add the illusion of dimension to projects.

Lastly, I took an Imagination Crafts stencil and, after carefully masking off all the other areas with pieces of paper, sprayed through a section of it onto the strongest pink section with the light blue ink spray and then on the lightest area of light blue on the canvas with the light fuchia ink spray.

I love how the light blue on the strong pink section appears to be a different colour, whereas in fact it is the same blue I used on the rest of the canvas - magic! And here is the end result!

For my next two pieces I switched to the Blue and Orange Mix Media Spray Inks. I love blues and oranges together as well, for a really dramatic effect.

For the first little project I took a piece of watercolour cardstock and randomly sprayed with the two inks to get something I was happy with. I also sprayed some of the orange ink through a stencil to get the little stars, but I forgot to tape the stencil down so didn't get perfectly formed stars in some areas. However, I still loved how it looked. I used my heat tool to dry it quickly.

I decided to use this piece for a card and so after gathering together the other bits I needed, here is what I ended up with:

I love this card! It's so different from the run-of-the-mill baby cards I see everywhere, but for me that's the point of making cards, to create something different from everything else!

My final bit of playtime was another canvas.

Again, I used the blue and orange mix media ink sprays, and I also used some of the light blue. And this is also where the Sparkle Medium came in.

I sprayed the inks until I had a look I was happy with. Left it to dry - yes, I was patient this time, but honestly, it was a matter of seconds for it to dry naturally as I had only sprayed quite lightly, although you wouldn't think that given the density of colour on there - love it! I again used my star stencil with the orange ink, and I dabbed dry with a piece of kitchen towelling where the ink had landed more heavily. I didn't get perfect stars in some areas because once again, in my excitement, I forgot to tape the stencil down! But for me it still works perfectly.

I used some Sparkle Medium in Amber to add some sparkly stars to the project. Sparkle Medium is a fabulous product, a clear gel packed full of sparkly glitter, so it's oozing bling, and it goes on so easily. I applied it through the stencil using a palette knife. It also dries quite quickly, but I just used my heat tool briefly to make sure it was fully dry before finishing off the piece. The other thing to mention about Sparkle Medium is that it keeps its dimension when dry. It doesn't dry flat like some other products might. I added some die-cut banners, button stars (which I'd had in my stash for a few years) and my son's name to finish. He loves it, by the way!

So, a fun play session, with three lovely pieces at the end of it, and using only a few products. It took me no more than about 20 minutes to create each of these pieces, which is perfect if you're short on time but still want great results and visual impact.

I love these products from Imagination Crafts, and I will be sharing more projects using them to demonstrate their versatility over the coming weeks.

You can buy a good selection of these and other Imagination Crafts products here: www.beebaab.co.uk

See you soon!
Julie x