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by Julie Brooks

Polite notice. All designs are copyright protected. I hope you will be inspired by my designs but please do not copy them. Thank you.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Disclaimer - so.famousio.com

Hi everyone

This is just a quick post.

It has come to my attention that there is a page on so.famousio.com which purports to be written by Beebaab Designs (me). On the page there are supposed links to my blog posts but they do not take you to my blog and instead take you to a holding page where you are asked to log in, and if you click on any of the blog post links you are asked to log in to Facebook. As you will know, my blog is not linked to Facebook in this way and runs independently via blogger.com. There are also links to videos and documents which are nothing to do with me whatsoever. The site is based in Somalia (apparently - so it says at top right of their page).

I just wanted to make it clear, in case any of you have already come across this page, that it is absolutely nothing to do with me, Beebaab Designs, or Beebaab Crafting Supplies and is completely bogus. So, please do not try to visit us via so.famousio.com because it is absolutely nothing to do with me or my crafting or our shop!

I will also be posting this disclaimer on my Facebook pages - just in case!

Thank you everyone and I will be back soon with some more makes for you.

Bye for now,
Julie xx