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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Drifting Away

Hi everyone

I hope you're all managing to keep warm - we've got a nice fire going in our wood burner which makes it feel quite cosy on these cold winter evenings.

I am in a situation at the moment where I don't have much time to get into my crafty space, which I'm not happy about and trying to figure out how to change. There are very many demands on my time every day and it's a difficult juggling act. So, as a result, I have less to share with you than I'd like. However, I did another little canvas recently, using an LOTV art pad image, and even though it's very simple I hope you like it.

It's no secret that I love the beach and my dream is to one day live within walking distance of a nice beach so I can go for daily walks along it. It's the ultimate therapy for me. Actually, my dream is to live by the beach, but whether that will be achievable remains to be seen since beach property sells at a huge premium - understandably so. So, anyway, because the beach is my therapy, and I always long to be there, I have done a couple of pieces in the last year or so with a beach theme and this one falls into that category.

This canvas uses a couple of techniques but nothing complicated or time consuming. I would love to be able to paint but as I don't currently possess the necessary skill level in that particular discipline, I decided to use a pretty LOTV art pad image instead and built everything else around it. I only have to look at that image and I feel a sense of calm within. I chose to focus on the lovely turquoise colour of the sea for my main colour to add to my canvas - it is one of my favourite colours - and diluted one of my acrylic paints so that I could spritz my canvas with it. I also did some bigger splats using a brush to get some more concentrated colour drips in there.

I used some embossing enamel which I applied to the canvas whilst it was still moist from the paint spritzing and activated it with my heat tool. I love the bubbly enamel effect - gold and very dark blue/black which reminded me of those beaches which are more shingle than sand.

I fixed my art pad image in place and built up all the bits and pieces around it - shells, a bit of white plastic mesh to represent fishing nets, "driftwood", a star fish (not real I hasten to add!), some jute rope and some mossy material which is generally used in flower arranging but I used it to represent weed or scrub on the sand dune.

I added the word "DRIFT" from one of my Andy Skinner stencils using DecoArt Texture Sand Paste, and dragged my palette knife through it to give it a kind of drifting look, like sand blowing in the breeze. To give the letters more definition I used a black fine liner. Once the paste was dry I gave it several coats of a wash of my diluted acrylic paint.

Finally I added more detail on the canvas using a free stamp from a magazine in the form of groups of little circles, which on the stamp are actually bubbles, but it worked in the context of my canvas just to add the extra detail needed. I used VersaMagic Chalk Ink and Archival Ink for this.

So, there you go, a very simple home decor project, but it was therapy for me, especially since its's the closest I'm going to get to a beach for at least six months!

Thanks for sticking with me and fingers crossed I'll be back with some more makes soon.

Bye for now,
Julie x