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by Julie Brooks

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

12 x 12 Canvas Incredible Beautiful

Hello everyone

Gosh, it's so cold again here at the moment. Two weeks ago we enjoyed a lovely, albeit brief, spell of lovely warm weather and it really did feel like spring had arrived, but these last few days have been so cold, with brisk and chilling breezes, rain and hailstones, that we've had the heating on full blast and even fired up the wood burner last night! Still, warmer weather is just around the corner, or so we're being told, so I'm hoping we will return to more spring-like conditions very soon.

Meanwhile, I painted another canvas, a 12x12 one. I am really happy with how it turned out.

I love playing with colour and sketchy is more my style, and I think my style comes through really well in this piece.

I used lots of acrylic paints and finished the piece by stamping a few inspirational words in black archival ink and stencilling some random shapes and textures using distress ink.

My favourite thing on this piece of art, well, two things actually! I love the combination of the blue with the pink in the background, with the odd hint of yellow coming through, and I also love my biggest butterfly. The whole thing makes me smile. I have called it "Incredible Beautiful" because I think nature is incredible and beautiful.

I hope you like it. Here are a couple of close-ups.

And, great news, you can now buy from my Etsy shop without having an Etsy account!

Bye for now!
Julie x