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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Pretty Steampunk home decor

Hi again everyone

Yay, two posts in one day - you are spoilt LOL!

This is a piece I began a year ago! It started life as an idea for a card, but stalled half way through for various reasons which I won't bore you with! Call it artist's angst if you like! Anyway, after much pounding of my out-of-practice little grey cells, I FINALLY managed to complete it and I am very happy with it.

So, this is a 6 inch wooden box frame which I painted with white acrylic. Inside, I have a layered background of cogs, time pieces, flourishes and an old typewriter, which was all taken from some papers I had in my stash and out of which I created a collage, along with using some elements from a stamp set which were applied using black distress ink.

Taking the colours in that background as my guide, I painted a Tando chipboard butterfly and some mulberry paper flowers using acrylic paints (DecoArt Crafter's Acrylic, DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic and Winsor & Newton), and also applied some just using my fingertips rather than a brush, until I was happy with how they looked, then fixed them in place.

Finally I added tiny black micro beads to the centres of the flowers and the butterfly's body for some extra dimension. Goodness me, those beads go everywhere! A handy tip here is to have a sheet of paper underneath your project, which is pre-creased down the centre, so that you can (carefully) tip the excess beads off your project and pour them back into the pot once you're done. I also found that using the narrow end of my spatula to take a few beads out of the pot at a time was much easier than using my fingers as they kept getting stuck under my nails LOL.

I love how this turned out and hope you like it too and would love to read your comments.

That's it from me for today.

Bye for now,
Julie x

Abstract Canvas

Hi everyone

Wow, the weeks are flying by! I can't believe we're approaching the middle of June already. I love this time of year, with only about 4 hours of darkness at night.

So, I am still enjoying indulging in lots of different crafts, as and when I choose, but I have to say at the moment I do love dabbling in home decor and mixed media, or simply painting with acrylics on canvas. Here is a 12x12 canvas I created recently, which is very abstract.

I called this piece "Garden Windows", but others have suggested they see a bridge, construction of some kind, and movement. Well, I guess there is definitely construction and movement in this piece. I know what I see in it, hence the name, but I wonder what you see? I'd love you to leave me a comment telling me. I find it endlessly fascinating that one piece of art can mean so many different things to so many people, don't you?

Short and sweet, just like me!

Bye for now,
Julie x