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by Julie Brooks

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Online Creative Retreat fun

Hi everyone

I recently took part in an online creative retreat and had loads of fun trying different art materials, exploring different techniques, in a vain attempt to try to find "my style". Well, at the end of the weekend I knew what I'd enjoyed the most but I still don't think I have a particular signature style lol!

Here are the pieces I created, in no particular order!

My favourite piece, painted with acrylics


Meditation/Ispiration Mandala

Faces are not my forte!

Mark making using pastels, crayons and ink

More mark making, tried callicreative pens - they are water-soluble!

Loved doing this, although there's room for improvement - all acrylics

Just playing with shape and colour

Interesting - this appeared from some random scribbles

I love using blocks of colour in an abstract way

Mixed media collage - not entirely happy with this, but it was completed in only an hour!

My clay floral mandala drawings

Painting without thinking - no big idea, just paint what comes - love what I ended up with!

I may never finish this, it's a dark piece and I actually felt quite depressed
about it, which is why it never got further than this

My clay floral mandala decorations, ready to paint and varnish

A left-over sheet of paper which I'd used to remove excess paint from another
piece. I quite like this and will find a use for it!

So, it was interesting, sometimes intense, and overall a lot of fun. I enjoyed immersing myself for the weekend and feel there are things I can build on from this experience.

Kind comments always welcome!

Thanks for visiting!

Bye for now,
Julie x